Federal Facility Programs / EOs

Achieving waste minimization, pollution prevention, and resource conservation objectives requires carefully establishing accurate baselines and identifying practical opportunities for improvement.

Aarcher performs pollution prevention opportunity assessments (PPOAs), waste minimization plans, and pollution prevention (P2)-focused facility environmental audits nationwide.

We have completed more than 20 PPOAs, prepared comprehensive pollution prevention plans for Federal facilities and large installations, performed recurring private facility pollution prevention voluntary inspections, established environmental performance baselines and metrics for more than a 100 waste streams, and identified more than 2,000 opportunities for our clients to achieve regulatory compliance through pollution prevention.

We actively support our Federal clients’ efforts to implement Executive Order 13423, “Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy, and Transportation Management,” by both performing “Greening” reviews independently and as part of our compliance auditing work.

  • Senior staff with more than 20 years pollution prevention assessment and implementation experience
  • Experience performing pollution prevention opportunity assessments (PPOAs), preparing pollution prevention (P2) plans, developing P2 award applications, and documenting P2 baseline data
  • More than 15 years experience incorporating P2 opportunities in environmental compliance audit programs

Pollution Prevention Corrective Action Alternatives
CASHE Audit Program Support for more than 500 facilities
Bureau of Land Management; Nationwide

Pollution Prevention Opportunity Assessments
22 facilities and operations
US Army; Fort Carson, Colorado (US Army)

Installation-Wide Comprehensive Pollution Prevention (P2) Plan
US Army; Fort Carson, Colorado (US Army)

Pollution Prevention Initiatives Verification and Summary Documentation
US Army; Fort Carson, Colorado (US Army)

“Applied Sustainability for your Business”
Open Enrollment Course Presentations
Aarcher Institute of Environmental Training; Nationwide