Natural Resources

Ensuring that natural resource protection requirements are met requires accurate identification and characterization, and an understanding of applicable requirements and stakeholder concerns.

AARCHER provides nationwide natural resources assessment, monitoring, management, and planning services for Federal agencies, stakeholders, and project proponents.

Our team of environmental scientists and natural resource permitting specialists perform site assessments, coordinate permit application procedures, ensure compliance, and consult with Federal, state, and local resource agencies. Our compliance-based consulting approach ensures that all Aarcher natural resources services are guided both by compliance requirements and practical land management practices.

AARCHER’s nationwide Natural Resources services include the following:

  • Biological surveys/endangered species surveys
  • Chesapeake Bay critical area studies
  • Forest Stand Delineations and Conservation Plans
  • Natural Resources Management Plans
  • Section 404 permitting support
  • Section 7 Consultation
  • Wetland delineations and jurisdictional determination support
  • Managers with more than 20 years natural resources compliance and permitting experience
  • Practical experience with state natural resource regulations
  • Project staff pool including more than 175 scientists and technical experts

Wetland Delineation and Tree Survey for Master Plan Amendment for Headquarters Consolidation at the St. Elizabeth Complex
Department of Homeland Security (DHS); Washington, DC

Wetland Delineation for 210-Acre Training Range
US Army; Fort Lee, Virginia

Gopher Tortoise and Indigo Snake Survey at FCI Jesup
Bureau of Prisons; Jesup, Georgia

Biological Survey for FCI Englewood
Bureau of Prisons; Littleton, Colorado

Wetland Delineations, Assessments, and Mitigation for Proposed Marley Neck Force Main
Harundale, Maryland

Chesapeake Bay Critical Area Report for Proposed Marley Neck Force Main
Harundale, Maryland