Environmental Policy Statement

“Environmental protection is central to each of AARCHER’s three practice areas: Environmental Compliance, Conservation & Planning, and Prevention & Sustainability.

We understand that our success is dependent not only on the value we bring to our customers, but also on how we manage ourselves. As an environmental consulting firm, AARCHER holds a special responsibility to maintain full regulatory compliance AARCHER Environmental Policy Statementand continually improve its own environmental performance, while helping guide our clients toward effective and responsible environmental management practices. Therefore, we will strive to reduce pollution resulting from our own business practices as well as those of our clients.

We will meet that challenge through the implementation of an ISO 14000-based environmental management system (EMS). AARCHER’s EMS identifies and evaluates the company’s environmental aspects, sets relevant objectives and targets, and guides actions necessary to achieve those objectives.

The positive environmental effects we generate through our consulting work are included in these evaluations, and AARCHER will continually identify opportunities to promote environmental stewardship as appropriate for each client. We will maintain an open dialog among clients, managers, and staff to identify new opportunity to support environmental protection opportunities within AARCHER and its client organizations.”

Environmental Management System Processes
An Environmental Management System (EMS) is a set of processes and practices that enable an organization to reduce its environmental impacts and increase its operating efficiency.

Environmental Management System (EMS)

The AARCHER EMS provides a mechanism for evaluating and pursuing environmental management improvements across all areas and programs overseen by AARCHER, Inc. Environmental “aspects” are those elements of an organization’s activities that interact with the environment. AARCHER has identified the following aspects for initial EMS planning and implementation:

  • Energy Use;
  • Transportation & Fuel;
  • Materials & Supplies; and
  • Client Advisory Services.

As a result of the EMS, AARCHER has made some significant improvements to our environmental performance:

  • Reduced energy intensity in AARCHER offices through the installation of programmable thermostats and motion censored light switches.
  • Created and implemented “Temperature Guidelines” and “Light and Computer Guidelines” to decrease energy use.
  • Clearly labeled recycling containers have been placed throughout Aarcher’s offices to increase recycling rates.
  • Recycling bin and pickup requested and received for the Denver office complex.
  • Created and implemented the “Green Procurement Plan” which requires:
    • Minimum 30% recycled content paper products
    • Minimum recycled content requirements for various office supplies
    • Energy Star® certified appliances
    • WaterSense® certified fixtures
    • Use of non-toxic, biodegradable, and biobased cleaning products
  • In Annapolis, the office will soon be powered by solar panels located on the roof.
  • Public transportation provided for the employees of the Denver office.