AARCHER was founded in 1997 to help organizations manage environmental risk and achieve exceptional environmental performance.
We provide services needed to maintain compliance, improve onsite water and wastewater systems, conserve and manage resources, make sound planning decisions, reduce energy use, reduce pollution, and implement environmental management systems.

We do not perform work outside our core capabilities or aspire to become an environmental services superstore.

Our pragmatic environmental consulting services are valued by a growing number of Federal agencies, multiple-facility companies, law firms, manufacturers, state environmental agencies, wireless carriers, trade associations, and others. We have been selected for more than 3,500 assignments in 45 states and territories, from New Hampshire to Puerto Rico, and from the Mexican border to inside Alaska’s Arctic Circle.
We remember what it took to establish our reputation and understand that responsiveness, hard work, and fair business practices have been cornerstones of AARCHER’s success. We are determined to retain these qualities, and work to instill them in each new staff member.