NEPA Analysis & Documentation

Complying with the National Environmental Policy Act and state “mini-NEPAs” requires an interdisciplinary team that understands the NEPA process, cross-cutting regulations, and the underlying sciences.

AARCHER performs National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) analysis and documentation for proposed actions nationwide. Our experience in cross-cutting regulations and interdisciplinary approaches results in understandable, rational, and defensible evaluations, at the Environmental Assessment (EA) and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) levels.

To provide specialized or esoteric expertise and maintain maximum flexibility, we maintain a network of more than 175 scientists and technical experts. This approach allows us to combine our in-house NEPA staff experts with carefully selected independent specialists, to quickly assemble projects teams that are well-suited for the proposed action under evaluation. The lowered cost of this approach translates directly to lower overall project costs.

Aarcher has performed impact evaluations on behalf of local communities, Federal and state agencies, and the Environmental Protection Agency for a wide range of proposed actions, including linear projects, water and wastewater development projects, tower and antenna installations, regional distribution facilities, wildlife management plans, and federally funded manufacturing facility expansions. We have also supported Federal grant and loan applicants in preparing environmental assessment documents (EADs) that address a wide variety of proposed construction, development, and facility expansion efforts.